It’s not enough for us to have a neat manicure, we want a beautiful nail design! And the most beautiful and different every time! Due to such demands in the nail market, new decorations and materials appear every now and then, capable of turning a simple manicure into a work of art. And the fashionistas only have to try everything one by one. And frankly, it’s one pleasure.

Where does the design begin

It’s not as important to design your nails as it is to keep them neat – that’s the first rule of attractive hands. No creativity, no trendy colors and rhinestones can transform brushes with weathered skin, unkempt cuticles and differently shaped nails. Therefore, you should start with care: regularly use cream and hand oil, about once a month do relaxing baths. And of course a manicure! It is necessary to take care of the state of the nails and the skin around them, not only for beauty, but also to avoid diseases.

Let’s move on. To paint your nails – it’s not a difficult thing; the main thing is to observe the known technology, if you use gel nail polish. This directly affects the durability of coverage and applied decorations. The simplest design can be done using only colored nail polish or gel polish, here are a couple of ideas:

  • use several colors, decorating each nail;
  • create a gradient (if little experience, take a special brush);
  • draw on a wet (unpolymerized) layer of gel polish by dipping a thin brush or regular needle into a different color;
  • create simple lacquer or gel lacquer designs: dots, circles, and lines.

Fashionable and original

To choose your own unique and most beautiful nail design is sometimes very difficult because of the huge number of materials and decorations offered by manufacturers from around the world. But there are some options that every fan of boring nails should go through. These are timeless trends that soared to the peak of popularity years ago and remain there to this day. More about them, of course.

How to choose nail art design

French manicure

This is something that can not be silenced in the conversation about nail design. Having conquered the hearts of the fair sex of all ages with its elegance and tenderness, the French manicure became one of the most chosen design options and is still one of them. Over time, it turned into a French and changed, but it has remained at the height.

Lunar manicure

Like the French, the moon manicure over time has had many variations: the shape of the moon has changed, colors have been added, the way of drawing has been updated and so on. Maybe the secret of popularity is precisely that nail design, which is constantly changing, can not get bored?

Metallics and shimmers

Metallic and mirror shine, iridescent colors, chic nacre – all this is a great way not only to complement the image, but also to emphasize individuality. It is very easy to create such effects, because there are metallic lacquers and gel-lacquers, nacreous lacquers and gel-lacquers, and waxes for the nails.

Drawings and geometry

Why are images on the nails, from unpretentious patterns to complex designs, so beloved by all of us? Because this original design is very easy to do when there are stencils, sliders and stickers at hand.

So to speak, advanced users can easily cope with the technique of drawing on the nails with gel paint. Of all the possible patterns, beauties willingly choose monograms, elegant soft lines, which can make the manicure more refined and feminine. Such work requires some skills from the master, which can be acquired by getting a hand. We offer you a couple of examples of nail design with monograms and at the same time a little online training 😉

Decorations for nails

Everything is clear with the techniques, but what if you just want to decorate your nails? Paint in your favorite color and add something unusual? And it’s easier than that! We know what nail design you like the most:

  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • broken glass;
  • kamifubuki, confetti, sequins;

Yucca flakes

Glitter, rhinestones, glitter, shimmering dust – the craving for shiny and shimmering makes girls choose such nail decors again and again. And why not? Such a manicure looks very effective. If you need to shine at a party or an opulent event, this is the most successful option. By the way, if you are satisfied with an even coating of the nail plate with shimmering particles, we recommend varnishes and gel-lacquers with glitter.

Nail design “broken glass” is not so popular anymore, but not forgotten at all. Foil for such an effect is very cheap, and serves long, different colors can be interestingly combined with your favorite shades of coatings, as well as with each other.

Endless variations of pieces of foil, paper and plastic to decorate the nails: kamifubuki, confetti, sequins, flakes. By and large, all of these decors are very similar, and there is no certainty that there is a fundamental difference between them. Each is a mix or set of sequins of different sizes, colors, shapes and even degrees of transparency. Low cost and the ability to come up with a variety of nail design options have done their job: confetti or kamifubuki, regardless of the name, can often be found as an addition to the manicure.

Yuki flakes, as well as transfer foil, we liked the ease of use and, of course, the effect that they create on the nails: an uneven print. However, only the foil is imprinted, but the flakes are pressed into the sticky coating layer, but the result is similar. A great way to make a nail design with an accent on one or two.

On short nails

Short nails are not a problem, most design options look just as good on them as on long nails. But there are always those who haven’t had time to grow nails and wants to lengthen them at least visually. In this case, we advise to choose a geometric design with longitudinal lines instead of transverse, this applies to any drawings or patterns. Also suitable is the moon manicure, if you choose the right form of the moon, which should not be too flat, but on the contrary – elongated along the nail.

And, of course, do not forget that the gel polish strengthens the nails, and therefore grow them becomes much easier.