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Light Thru Rain Cloud
Light Like Hope Through the Grey
Flipped Out Jazz
The Jazz Feeling
Jazz ... again
Jazz 2: Exploring the Art Music Connection
Jazz Time
Valley Work
Valley Work: digital painting and art prints
No Rules
Multi-Sized Art Prints: Valley Work
Following One's Creative Path
Right Work, Wrong Time
More Warm Hills
Intent of the Painting
Wrap Your Arms Around It
Following an Original
Field of Hoes
Last Year's Portrayal Finds Current Relevance
Creating Digital Art, Creating Period
Plopped Figures On Undulating Field
Experimental Fields
Experimental Fields
Origins of a New Work of Art
Sunset Art
Beyond the Mirrored Veil
Resisting Change
Teaching Inspiration
Reflecting on my own Design
Mountain Headress
Headdress Fit for a Mountain
Limited View of Art
Sunlit Under Mountain
Creating the Interpreted World
Nework 2
Nework  2 Remains New Work Too
Creating Without Expectations
Sunset Startled
Digital Painting Immediately Well Received
Pulling the Eye Through
My Series 3
Pattern of Work
Here 2 There
Art Prints from Digital Painting: Here 2 There
Nature Mimics Itself

Artistic Voacabulary Is Not What Speaks
Ignorance Is This
My Series6
Size and Concept Behind Digital Painting Series
Comfortable Movement and Original Art
Beach Today
Capturing the Day in Art Print
Digital Painting Portraying Beach
Checkerboard Valley
Layers of the Valley
Monterey Bayish
Art Print Abstractly Captures Marina Dunes
My Series7
Color and Context of Digital Painting Art Prints
Series Serious Play
Tractor Sunset
Magical Scenario and its Representation
Digital Painting and Development
Irrigate 4
Printed Digital Painting
A State of Sky
Art Prints of Similar and Far Removed World
Art Can Stand On Its Own
New Digital Painting Sheds Light On Seeing
Second Digital Painting
Play to Develop, Observe to Utilize
Early and Simple Digital Painting
Digital Painting Reveals Quality of Light
Digital Painting: Kitties
2 the Beach
About a Digital Painting
Dividing Road
Experience and Perspective
Blue Mountains
Translucent Early Representational Work
Sunset Seen
Creativity and Discipline
Digital Painting and Development
Jazz 1
Nothing New
Abstract Jazz Color
Jazz 1: Exploring the Art Music Connection
Jazz Time
One, Two, Tree
Early Digital Painting
Art is a Destination
Nestling Grape Rows
Digital Painting: Nestling Grape Rows
Audience and Artistic Climate
Flying Thru Sunfire
Freedom without Expectation
Following One's Creative Path
Work in the Dirt
Digital Painting: Work In The Dirt
Strawberry Fields
Portraying Strawberry Harvest
Wave Spray
Large Art Prints
Size of Art Print can Bring Work Alive
Monterey Miway 1
Digital Painting: Monterey Miway 1
Sunset Impression
Digital Paintings
Impressionist Art Gallery
Field 2 Mountains
Light and Remembrance in a Digital Painting
Spinach Harvest
Spinach Harvest Cycle
On Being Creative: #8
Seeing the world around us
Spinach of the Fear
Composite Twilight
Digital painting: Composite Twilight
For Original Art Prints
Rainy Halloween Harvest
On Site Painting On Sight
Seeing the Right Expression
Crazy Light
Crazy Light: Art Prints
Twilight Glow
A Twilight Impression
Twilight Glow Speaks in its Own
Quilted Spray
Digital Painting and Art Print: Quilted Spray
Gentle Blades of Spring
Digital Painting: Seafogged | and its Art Prints
Artistic Development & Art Critique
Experimental Field
Digital Painting:  Experimental Field
Cloud Over Sprinklers
Art Prints: Cloud Over Sprinklers
Appreciating a Digital Painting
Colorful, Simple, and Playful Digital Painting
4 the Road
Creating art 4 the road
Sunset for Andrea
Creating the Right Size Digital Image
Revisiting An Old Wound
Warm and Textured Image

My Series 12
Original, Simple, Colorful, Expression
Jazz 3
Jazz 3: Art Printing
Jazz 3: Exploring the Art Music Connection
Music Art Continuum
Chance Piece - Practiced Process
Hill Mountains
Digital Painting the Hill Mountains
When art is done tired
Flowing, Colorful, and Tired
Field 2 Mount
 Art Prints from Digital Painting: Field 2 Mount
Art Prints of the Everyday Brown
Morning Light
Inspired by Morning Light
Original but Not all Good
Base of the Mountain
The Print and the Impression
Foot Hill Views
Exploring What Has Been Done
Featured Digital Painting
Digital Painting Revisited
Another Play
Importance of Play
Mountain Sails
Digital Painting that Works
Following One's Creative Path
My Series 1
On Being Creative: #5
Abstract Art Gallery
Irrigate 2
Creative Connections
First Prints: Less Art, More Poster
Artistic Development & Art Critique
Boat of Another Time
Digital Painting: CrossFields
CrossFields Like a Crossroads
Material Mount View
Painting for Large Art Prints
Salinas Valley 1
First Digital Art Print
Art Print | Salinas Valley 1
Following One's Creative Path
Original Distinctions
Rolling Fields
Rolling Colors | Accurate Art Prints
Buying Art
More Mountain & Clouds
Clouding Art Print Sizes
Clouding the Mountains
Clouds on the Mountain
Digital Painting: Recollection and Art Prints
River Run 1
Art Prints from River Run 1
River Run 1 Best Viewed Large
Field Play
Art Prints from Digital Painting
Creating Digital Art, Creating Period
Irrigate 1
Digital Painting and Art Print: Irrigate 1
Describing Art & Method
Art Print Frame of Reference
Simply Conveyed
Vibrant Color Painting
Big Valley 1
Best Reason to Buy Art
Unmistakable Valley
Salinas Valley
Digital Painting & Art Print: Longfield
Appreciate Own Work
Light Shining Thru
Importance of Creativity
Defying Categorization
Valley Sketch
Digital Painting: Valley Sketch
Hoe Dance
Digital Painting Figures In
Practice Makes Art
Afternoon Overlap
Digital Painting: Discussing a Piece
New Art Gallery on Website
Fantastic Digital Painting Converts to Art Prints
First Figures: Original Art
Hill Moutain Fog
Valley Fog Impression
Overcast Digital Painting
Grape Rows & Mountains
Landscape Art Gallery
Simply Conveyed
 Houses on the Hillside
New Digital Painting: Last of 2005
A Good Art Print

 Mojave Desert
Drawing on the Desert
Artistic Communication: Sharing a Feeling
 Feeling of Rain
New Art: Feeling of Rain
The Line between Feeling and Vision
New Art
Vast, Slightly Ambiguous Impressionist Painting
Shape of Something New
New Abstract Art
Abstract Painting Finds Figures From Within
Reading New Meaning
New? Digital Art
Santa Lucia Impression
Impression from the Mountains
Following Hard to Follow
Sharing an Older Experiment
Detailed Digital Painting Reflects Location
Developing a Rhythm
Developing a Rhythm
Mount 1
Digital Painting Impression of Fremont Peak
My Series 4
A Sculptural Art Print
Viewing Conditions and Imagination

Textured Tree
Finished Art Prints Reveal Artist’s State of Mind
Glowing Sky
Glowing Sky: Impression and Sunset Season
Impression of the Glowing Sky
Shades of East Boronda
Solving Problem Does Not Always Mean Success
Madras Mountains
Sizing Up the Abstract Advantage
Salinas Valley 4
Salinas Valley Feeling
Viewing Out
Digital Painting Potential, Fun & Memory
 Beyond The Ivy Fence
Dirt Again
 Irrigation Bend
Composition of the Bend
Yellow Field Green Hills
Impression: Not Snapshot of Reality
Toro Tutor
Final Stage of Painting: Declaring it Done
Stages of an Artwork: Painting the final layers (in progress)
Painting Stages: a second look at creating a work of art (in progress)
Stages of Painting: A Look at the Creation of an Artwork (in progress)
Another Lightness
Casting Its Own Light
The Hills You Say
Color Before Storm
First Big
An Abstract Painting Flowing with Change
Monterey Hiway 1
Over the Shoulder Impression
Over the Top
Color and Looseness Mark Digital Painting
Sharing the Flame
Composite Evening
Critique of a Composite
Bright Colors Define Art
Mountain Sails Again
Obvious Origins

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