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All of the art in this index is set up for purchase. Clicking on an image will take you to the purchasing options for that piece.  Article title links will lead to a fuller sized image and often the story behind the piece.

Fennel Field & Sky
Stop the Painting
Rethinking When Art is Finished
Fennel Field & Sky 1
Another Digital Advantage
Rethinking When Art is Finished
Fennel Field & Sky 2
Final Fennel Frenzy
Rethinking When Art is Finished
Compressed View
Digital Painting Selected for Calendar
The Art of the Print
Art Print Sizes
Valley Comfort
Unconscious Look of Salinas Valley
Last Digital Painting
Comfortable Digital Painting
Out Field
Enhancing Perspective: Composition & Printing
Creating Can Be Picky
Winter Colors
Colors of Winter
Composite Colors and Winter Abstraction
Foothills Contrast
Vibrant Color Leaves Impression
Afternoon Glow
Feeling of new digitial painting
Art Prints to Capture Glow of Light
Bent Over Crowd
Digital Painting Captures Bent Workers
Colorful Art Prints
Under the Corn
Corn Row and Strawberries
Visual Similarity: Fields and Water
Sea of Backs
Digital Painting Bending Backs Again
Appreciating Light and Texture in Digital Painting
All That Jazz
Painted Ways of Jazz
Art and Jazz Overlap
Jazz Time
Art and Audience
Vertical Jazz
Flying Sticks, Dropped Deadline
Minimalist Jazz
Jazz Time
Vertical Revisited
No Particular View
Digital Painting: No Particular View
The Practice of Digital Painting
Break Line Hoe
Sketched Impression Focus
What's My Line?
Seeing Without Crossing The Line
Rain Over Fall
Measuring Time and Complexity in Art
Field Phlat
New Take on Yesterday's Theme
Feeling One's Own Success
Nature of Possibility
Field Flat
Give and Take of Creating Art
Color of Digital Painting / Color of Art Prints
Manipulated Color Play
Artistic Expression is Result unto Itself
Hoes in the Mist
Scene, Title, Painting
Inspiration Without Missing a Beat
Pick Aside
Art Prints Reveal Original Digital Painting
Digital Painting: Pick Aside
Autumn Grape Color
Fall Color
Field Fitting
New Angle on Digital Painting
Fitting for a Digital Painting
Digital Medium and Vision Combine
Harvest Depth
Depth of Field
Colorful Loose Digital Painting
Wheel of Fields
Looking at an Art Print
Inspiration for Digital Painting
Foothills Terrain
Digital Painting Recreates Feeling
Inspiration and Acting Upon It

Two Pick 2
Clear Digital Painting
Second Effort Yields Bold Composition
Digital Watercolor Overlap
Two Pick
Unique Digital Art Prints
Picking Inspires Painting
Window View
Wading through Fields
Finishing Painting and Maintaining its Character
Compelled to Paint (in process)
Pickin' Start
Printing After Painting
Painting the Fields
Under Bridge Falls
Importance of Perspective
Tall Side Mountains
Actual Art Prints
Lessons from a New Digital Painting
Color Pick
Colorful Loose Digital Pen Painting
Day Scene
Digital Art Prints
Painting the Scene a New Day
Grandeur from the Gorge
Completed Digital Painting
Unfinished Digital Painting (in progress)
First Stage of a Digital Painting (in progress)
Black & White Days
Digital Painting and hang-able Art Prints
Black and White Constructs
Cloud Cover
Raining Inspiration
Revisiting a Digital Painting
Freedom of Perception
Black & White Vision
On Being Creative: #2
Digital Painting in Black & White
On Original Terms
Bold Glimpse
Bold Painting Glimpse
A Favorite Digital Painting
Glimpse of Freedom
Digital Painting
Sky's in Disguise
Cloud Shadows
Digital Painting: Cloud Shadows
Enchanted Sunset
Digital Painting: Enchanted Sunset
Colorized Vision
Digital Painting: Color Added
On Original Terms
Desert 1 - Route 66
Finishing Touches - Painting the Desert
Refining Impression | Defining Forms (in progress)
Painting an Impression, Painting the Desert (in progress)
Horizon 4
Finished Digital Painting
Directions in Art (in progress)
Horizons: Painting Paths (in progress)
Field Hand
Digital Dirt
 Mound 2 Mountain
What Can Only Be Seen Close, What Can Only Be Seen From Far
Sharing a Stage of the Creative Process (in process)
Develpment of a Digital Painting (in process)
Fun of Digital Painting(in process)
Digital Photo of Digital Art Print

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