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Viewing Suggestions

Each piece has a thumbnail, gallery sized image, and full enlargement.

Enlargements open in their own pop-up window. Though sized they may still need repositioning or maximizing depending upon your browser and viewing resolution.  If they do not open, you may have to turn off pop-up blocking.

The Best Way to View Art On This Site 

is to keep two browser windows open.

When you click to see your first enlargement do not close the pop-up window

Go back to the original browser window and gallery and use the arrows to see each successive work - each time clicking the images to see an enlargement.

On most browsers the window with the enlargements will not be visible, but the images will load while you are moving through the gallery - saving you time and creating a more seemless journey.

At any time when you want to see the larger images switch to that window. The images will already be loaded, but because the pop-up window is streamlined to be less of a distraction, you will need to use your keyboard to see what is essentially a slide show - particularly if you open the window to full screen.

To switch between enlargements press
Alt + arrow on Windows
Command + arrow
on Mac
(Use back arrow first - successive enlargements will be on previous pages)

If the vertical images do not fit your screen, you can use the up and down arrows in addition to your mouse.

If you would like to compare your favorite pieces, simply click to enlarge those particular pieces in sequence without closing the pop-up window. They can be in different galleries.

If possible, and particularly in the galleries -

Open your browser to full screen viewing.

You will have a much better viewing experience and less up and down scrolling.

Windows - press F11 - restore with middle button on top right corner of window - in between minimize - and close x or press F11 again.
Mac OS X - click oval button on top right corner of browser.   OS 9 - press command B for internet explorer - for netscape refer to browser instructions -  - check view and/or preferences.
AOL - will not open fully no matter what you do, if possible try a different browser or just make do.


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In the Galleries Use thearrow up's.


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