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Recent and Not for Sale Work

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This index has the most recent work done - that is not set up for purchase, and images which are not being sold for other reasons

Flat Racing
Original Work of Art
Field Run
Up the Rows
Flat Runs
Digital Art Follows a Theme
Simple Line Figures
Digital Art Tutorial 1
Digital Art Tutorial 2
Digital Art Tutorial 3
Digital Art Tutorial
Digital Art Tutorial - revisited
Color Crossings
Beyond Measurement
Furrowed Field
Communicating Perspective
Checkerboard Day
Artistic Intent
Checkerboard Light and Dark
Foothills Anywhere
Originals to Follow
Intention and Artistic Distinctions
Strawberry Alley
Original Art Prints
Time to Paint
Irrigation Man
Colorful Splash
Two Part Prints
Practical Considerations Aside
Air Hoe 3
Original Art and Mass Production
Playing the Field
Typical Mountain Color
More Color Than Typical
Air Hoe 1
Possibilities and Limits
Self Portrait
Quick Study 0
Primitive Digital Finish
Comparing Originals
Quick Study 2
Not So Quick Study
Comparing Originals
Air Hoe 2
Modern Influence
Gabilan Foothills
Taking On The View
Caribbean 4
Putting Oneself In the Scene
CD Cover | Art from a Theme
Wayward Bus
Integrating Past and Present
Sunset Over Artichokes
Fleeting Glimpse and Fast Work
Continuing the Original Painting
Sky Over Mountains
Coloring the Sky
Painting By Any Other Name
Valley Colors
Impression, Color, and Valley
Blue Clouds at Evening
Clearing the Cloudiness
When Seeing Is Not Believing
Sunset Over Artichokes 1
Continuing the Original Painting
Three Way Figure 3
Multiple Intentions
Three Way Figure 2
Original Understanding
Three Way Figure 1
First of Three Originals
Bottles in the KItchen
Bottles in the Kitchen
Digital Differences
 Caribbean 1
CD Art: Cover Design Option
Caribbean 2
Original Art for CD
New Music
New Music from 1danband
New Songs, New Music, New Art and Dance
Creativity: Window to Seeing Ourselves
Pen 1
Pen Pad Painting: Awkward as a Mouse
Palette Crap
Solving the Wrong Problem
Symbolic Language 2
Taking Advantage of Digital
Symbolic Language 3
Writing Reveals Rubbing
Sunset Field Hand
Miniature Art: Museum Fund Raiser
Morning Fog Impression
Unveiling the Original
Sunset Sketch
Representation Can Be Original
Thankless Job 1
No Thanks
Hillside Spin 2
Learning Versus Applying
New Spin on Art
Symbolic Language 7
When Success Isn't Measured
Symbolic Language 1
Symbols Lead to Abstract Art
Symbolic Language 6
When Art Can't Fail
Red Eye
Art Before the Cart
Caribbean 3
Art Inspired by Concept and Music

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