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My guess is that people searching the net with the term are most likely looking for a reasonably priced way to enjoy favorite works of art in their home - 

When Outhouse Studios first began, the thinking was offer an alternative with original art for a fairly comparable price to most poster art. After the first year, it became apparent that people who had found the site from that search took a quick glance and moved on.
Salinas Valley 1 - digital painting/poster image

Unfortunately, if one is looking for something one knows - an alternative is just something different from what one is looking for and it became clear this was not a particularly good marketing tact.

Generally, there is little value in posters - unless of course they are limited editions - and collectible. And there are many such posters out there - from Lautrec to war to rock concert - such posters exist and are probably more akin to original art in that sense.

Though the first posters were lithographs, today the the art is usually printed on relatively inexpensive bond paper with colors which are close but not necessarily true. They will fade relatively quickly without adequate ultra violet protection, but the purpose is to have a work to enjoy not to collect. 

Like art prints, there is a huge category of possibilities.  Size is not even much of a criteria as the range in poster sizes is quite open.

So having said that, I am not sure what differentiates a poster.  Though they are generally reproductions, they do not have to be. While they are generally considered more of a common man’s art, they do not have to be that either... noting Toulouse Lautrec as master of the poster.

Posters are the ubiquitous form of art for the student - inexpensive and easily pitched. We don’t generally equate it with fine art - but there are many an art exhibit put on for poster art and many exceptional works of art reproduced on to posters as well.

What is fun about Outhouse Studios - is that there are many digital paintings which are quite conducive to being poster art. However, they are printed on a thicker watercolor paper, and printed with longer lasting pigment inks.
Kitties - purchase original poster art

The images, are undoubtedly new to a casual searcher.  And that means more work is required than by buying an existing formula. 

Printing from an image which is created digitally means all prints are originals and no matter how popular or not an image might become, it is an exiting new option: buying affordable original art instead of poster art reproductions - 

You just might find something you would like to live with even more ...

Thanks for searching.

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