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One of the things which differentiates prints is intention. When an artist intends there to be multiples - they are generally created as a first generation prints. The plate(s), mold, block, or matrix generally do not look exactly like the finished printed piece. They typically will vary in color and might even be an inverse color.

The most commonly known original prints are lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, and block prints. There are numerous others and new ones being created such as the fish print. Art is a fluid changing thing with many aberrations. What the original might look like can take on many forms. Clouds Over Sprinklers - simulated print - Dan Beck 2005

The original artwork created at Outhouse Studios is done so on the computer. It is painted using colors and palettes which are viewed on a monitor and controlled using a mouse (a pen pad would also work and has been tried). The artwork is stored as a file generally megabytes - it is digital language which means the computer is able to read these complex filed numbers and convert them into the image which was created.

The file cannot even be looked at or interpreted by the human eye alone. It means nothing without the aid of the computer and a monitor. Monitors do not all interpret the same - each needs to be calibrated and there are still differences.

To insure proper colors - the monitor used is calibrated and color profiles are used to create original prints which are true or improve upon the color and clarity of the monitor image.

The art does not really feel complete until it is printed. The print is the intended finished product - it is the original art - like an etching or block print. And like an etching or block print - the plate or block are quite cool to look at and would be so even if they weren't the inverse of what is printed.

Vertical Jazz - purchase original printsThe original sculpture before a cast is made to create a run of bronze might look wonderful - but isn't a bronze sculpture.

The digital image is like this - not the intended finished piece.   In addition, each of the images is enhanced by enlarging to dimensions bigger than originally painted. This is done intentionally, but this differentiates the original prints even more from the original artwork. 
Additonally, the images found on this site are all compressed and generally sized down so that they can be viewed without terrible delay.

Original prints (when referring to art not a publication) are always art prints, but not all art prints are original prints. In fact, most art prints are created from some kind of scan or recreation of an original painting - they are reproductions at best although they might be good ones.

The art prints at Outhouse Studios are always original.

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