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Meanings of Original Art 

Though original can mean first, I doubt anyone is actually looking for examples of the first art. But on the other hand, people might well be looking for examples of art which is prototypical. In other words, it is fresh, new, inventive, or innovative ... to the extent that is possible with all things borrowed or blue. None of us live in a vacuum and all of us rely and borrow from each other and those who have come before. We are all part of a culture and we are all viewing from within our perspective in that culture.Boat on an Ocean - digital painting - Dan Beck 2000

But freshness is certainly one of the things we mean at Outhouse Studios. Many I believe are looking for unique - one of a kind work. Typically, an oil painting or a watercolor would be such a work. With the advent of digital photography and fine quality printing - it is possible to reproduce such works quite well - but they would not be originals - only reproductions, but how often this is done. 

An another example, but to the point - might be a cast sculpture - the original might be made with clay or wax - but it is used to make a cast - the cast is used to make a limited number of sculptures - though not unique, each is considered to be original art. Similarly, etchings, lithographs, and serigraphs are all examples or work that is original,but not one of a kind.

Today we have the possibility of creating multiple works, which by virtue of being created on the computer and stored digitally, are also always original despite being prints.  This is quite akin to a run of lithographs but each print can be done on demand rather than a run. 

Air Hoe 3 - original art - Dan Beck 2007The digital image is not how it was intended to be viewed on a wall but rather the master from which the original prints come from. Having said this, every art print at Outhouse Studios is original art.

Additionally, the hope here is that the artwork will feel fresh to the artist and there will be that excitement of discovering something new that will come through to the viewer time and time again. It is this freshness which is brought to bear on all truly original art - if it is formulaic it shows. 

An artist should not be stuck by what we think will be accepted or by what we believe will not work but by trying to push the rules -  trying to find new ways of seeing and expressing. Original art is about communicating that which is unique - one's own vision.

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