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Original Art-chives

These works connect by previous nextto the gallery pieces they were previously next to  -  The Upwill bring you back to this gallery ... or another one if you find yourself wandering. 

Early Original Representational Art

Boat on an Ocean Mountain SailsBlue MountainsFishies Kitties
Fireplace HouseQuick-draw Sunset
4theRoad TreeworkTreetopMonterey BayishTextured Tree

Early Original Abstract Art

1More AnotherPlayPurpleMountainsMajestyProcessSecond-WorkColor Fascination
Dreampt AwayStill Processing Overthetop SanJuanGrade
Fifth Focus New Series Nework 1 New Series 3 Developing a Rhythm

Impressionist Art from former Large Works Gallery

Salinas Valley 4 Monterey Miway1Composite EveningShadesofEastBoronda
Afternoon Hills Madras Mountains MoreMountain&Clouds
AfterglowThruTheCypress TheHillsYouSay MoreMountainsThanHills TotheSky 
MontereyHiway1 WorkInTheDirt

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