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Music at Outhouse Studios

Listening to music is as easy as clicking on a CD cover (below) and clicking on a song title link. Mp3's will open in their own small window allowing you to continue to browse the site while listening.
1danband | dansingnew
is the most recent music album; they are in reverse chronological order.

Music CD's


About Time CD
About Time

1danband- Last Six
Last Six

dansingnew cd's

Writing Process:  What sparks a song can be from many different sources - lyrics first vs. music first - how does it work? For me it works both directions. In recent years I have been doing more and more songs starting with the words first. The result in many cases has been more interesting music and more content filled songs.  Music generally takes the forefront for me and does sometimes require some lyrical adjustments. It is a give and take.

It is also not uncommon to have words and music come together at the same time or words and rhythm. I don't totally understand it, but I know that being able to write happens because I was able to listen. I feel many times that a song is a gift which I have been lucky enough to find.

For a discussion of instument mix, sound comparisons, and listening in general - please see:

Listening at Outhouse Studios

guitars & cats

dansingnew cover Recorded and finished in December 2005, "dansingnew" features songs written in 2005. Like the other CD's, it is the sound of multiple dan's playing a myriad of instruments and creating a group sound by the magic of multitracking.

Please listen to clips from this new album:

From Something Must Be Wrong

        Looking For The Rainbow

        Can't Stand Still *

        Uncertainty Keeps Nagging

        Airport Shuffle

Full Song:  Bottles In The Kitchen       

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Instruments featured on this album are acoustic, electric and classical guitars, bass guitar, congas,various handmade drums, cymbals, baliphone, kalimba, and vocals.  All music and lyrics were written and played by Dan Beck and recorded at Outhouse Studios.

*Full song "Can't Stand Still" and lyrics to entire album available - see free downloads above.

About Time:  An original music CD by Dan Beck, produced at Outhouse Studios about two years ago.

There is more explanation and information below, but please listen to music excerpts from the album -

From  Focus Is Unfocused


         We've Almost Turned The Corner

         I'm No Exception To The Rule
         Taps On The Shoulder

Click here to download a full song.

About TIme CD's
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Dan Beck

Drum Kit
About Time Explanation & back cover

About Time Back Cover and Introduction

Solo Effort: Typically when someone makes a music album, it requires and gets the contribution of a number of people.  In truth, this album would probably be even stronger had other people been involved.  But it is my nature to want to do as much as I can on my own, and so I did until it was done. On the positive side, it becomes a complete expression of how I view, interpret, and try to communicate my world.

About TimePurchase - About Time

How These Pieces Were Picked: I am not totally sure; I know that they are all connected - they have either come to the surface in the last three years or were written in the last three years. Some of these pieces were picked out to be recorded on my previous CD, but it ended up being declared finished after just 6 songs and so it was -  a blessing given the speed at which I could make copies at that time.

1Danband - Last Six was recorded in the Fall of 2002.  There are six tracks total and approximately 25 minutes of music. The instrumentation is similar and for the most part the pieces are all from that time.  Below are a couple of excerpts.

From  Just A Breeze

         Loving Me First

To purchase this CD along with dansingnew, About Time or by itself click the image or link below.
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