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Sometimes in a moment ... I see something, which has such a profound effect on me, that I feel compelled to pay tribute by converting my impressions into this new medium and language.  Seeing is as much about understanding and perspective as it is about what is actually there. My goal is to communicate a feeling and create a piece which is a world of its own ... beautiful in its own right, and one which excites my own ever shifting palette.

More about series and impressionist art below...

Santa Lucia Impression SunsetImpression RiverRun1 LightThruRainCloud
Irrigate1 Irrigate2 AnotherLightness DuneMoon
LongField MaterialMountView LightShiningThru DividingRoad
MojaveDesert Cactaceous Tehachapi Mount1
HousesOnTheHillside RollingFields BeyondtheIvyFence ToroTutor
SunBlowinBye SunsetSeen SunsetStartled NestlingGrapeRows






The concept or interpretation of impressionist art was that the artist was capturing his impression of a specific moment in time, a glimpse if you will, that could be held and captured in what was an incredibly loose, perceptive, and revolutionary style for the time, utilizing small brush strokes to capture the impression of the light.

When we think of impressionist art now, we conjure up the styles of those original impressionist artists - Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, to name a few, and perhaps some of the post-impressionists such as Cezanne, Gaugin, or even VanGogh.   Needless to say, none of the pieces in this gallery are in that exact style, nor are they from that period.

What they have in common enough - is that they are either stylistically reminiscent or more importantly are about capturing an impression of a scene. In fact, in many cases the pieces are based upon a look that was for an even shorter period of time - a glimpse, if you will.

Each image's enlargement has details at a particular size, designated under the
largest full view of the piece.  It is also valuable to know that each of the pieces in this gallery is being held to a very limited edition. I know that it is very difficult to imagine how these pieces will look at their optimum size.  As the artist, I find that I am always quite pleasantly surprised once they are printed. Since it is difficult for me to really see, I hope that you please don't overlook the details, since they hold the key to conveying the possibilties.

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