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About Art Prints

The term above is quite broad and includes any art image - printed any quality - be it poster, card or limited edition lithographs or etchings.

I suspect that most people are looking for images they are familiar with or artists they are familiar with and their corresponding prints. But as noted - these also include art which was intended to be printed: monoprints - such as a block or linocut - as well as etchings, serigraphs, lithographs or digital prints. Valley Comfort - simulated print - Dan Beck 2006

Not only is what is printed broad - going from reproductions to one of a kind prints - but what it is printed on can vary hugely.

From simple bond paper to high end rag - canvas, perplex (acrylic) or metal can be printed on.  It is even possible to print on glass and tile. All of these would satisfy the term - as would a simple announcement card or even a print from your inkjet at home.

Original prints are something found at Outhouse Studios. Every image is created by being painted on the computer. It is stored digitally and is intended to be viewed printed.

Each print is an original - but within that is a range of sizes.  Because of the look and feeling of the work - watercolor paper is the choice printing surface. The colors are luxurious but also show off the fluid nature of the painting process.
Santa Lucia Impression - purchase original art prints

There is an overlap of color and many mistake the work for watercolor until they look closer
realizing one could not create these images with that medium.

Part of the excitement found at Outhouse Studios is that the art prints are something new - yet they borrow and build upon long standing traditions in art and aesthetics.

They also utilize archival pigment inks.  They will last longer than color photos and will not fade in our lifetime.

The intent is about availability of original artwork - work one would want to live with.  Buying as an investment is generally a gamble - the collector buys because he likes the work...

just like someone looking to live with art prints from artists' work he knows. 

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